Meeting Someone For The Second Time Is The Most Awkward

In two weeks, I’ll be heading to Utah for my company’s Grand Meetup, the one time a year when the entirety of Automattic meets in person. This will be my second Grand Meetup, which means that I will already have met a significant percentage of the people who will be there.

Should be a great time, and definitely less pressure than the first Grand Meetup, right?

Mmmm, no.

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south park chinese man

If You Don’t Know Me, Don’t Call Attention To My Race

Guy: Soooo… is this your first time at Comic-Con?

Girl: Nope.

Guy: Cool, cool.

Girl: [Silence]

Guy: Soooo… what kind of Asian are you?

Girl (visibly scowling): Uhhh… the American kind?

With that, she turned and dashed into the nearest store. And that’s when my girlfriend and I looked at each other and laughed.

Image by Luciano Lozano

The Problem Of Modern Medicine

Modern medicine can save our lives many times around. Yet, why do so many people mistrust it? Here’s the underlying problem with modern medical techniques.

While I was getting my dose of bandwagon football last weekend, I realized that the cornerback must be the most underappreciated player on the team. Now, since the typical Musings demographic is decidedly not a sports fan, and since most people are probably reading this for some diatribe on modern medicine, please bear with me for a minute….

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When Is It Okay To Wear Leggings As Pants?

Some people are vehemently against wearing leggings as pants. This is what they’re actually doing when they express their disapproval….

Raise your hand if you think it’s an outright crime of fashion to wear leggings as pants — as in, leggings with nothing else over them. If you’re like some people I know, you may be waving both arms in the air vehemently now. Well, I have a secret to tell. I think wearing leggings as pants is….

Marc Severson

The Gifts That Make Teaching Worthwhile

Last night, I was given a gift. It was my second of the week — and one that the teachers of young children rarely receive. I had been surprised to hear from the parents of a child I worked with 30 years ago. At that time, I was a resource teacher for the state of Arizona,…

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I Traveled The World, Trying To Find My Home

As I approach my 32nd birthday, I find myself struggling with this concept of “home.” They say, “Home is where the heart is.” But what if your heart is in more than one place? They also say, “Home is where you hang your hat.” But what if you prefer to hang your hat in the…

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Spoiled By Early Success

In the campy teen movie Napoleon Dynamite, there is a particularly pathetic character named Uncle Rico. He was quarterback of a high school football team that came this close to winning state. Now, decades later, he spends all day filming himself reenacting that game. He’s caught in his long-gone glory days, and nothing interesting has happened…

Image by Hauke Dressler

My Teacher Made Me Ashamed To Be An Introvert

I love eating alone. Aside from the fact that it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading, it just makes more sense. Yes, eating together is a social tradition dating back to our cave-people days, but let’s think about this for a second: 1) Being “social” generally entails talking to another human…

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Life Is Too Good Not To Breathe

Editor’s note: Peter Loggins is a legend within the swing dance community. He’s also an old friend and a source of inspiration. Aside from dancing, Peter used to be a competitive runner, skateboarder, and snowboarder, and is one hell of a tattoo artist. He is, in short, one of the baddest badasses you’ll ever meet.…

road rage

I Wish Cars Had A “My Bad” Horn

A few days ago, I almost plowed my car into a shiny new BMW because the dumbass in the Beemer failed to check for oncoming traffic (that is, me) before making a turn. Unmentionable profanities spewed from my mouth as I was forced to swerve around him at 50 mph. But then, I looked over…

Dreaming Man

Why You Can’t Prove (Or Disprove) That God Exists

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had one of those uncanny dreams that go something like this: You’re at home… or work… or school. All of a sudden, the fire alarm goes off, and you see smoke seeping in all around you. You scamper frantically down the hallway. Meanwhile, the fire alarm continues to blare—BLAAA…

Angry Asian woman

How I Pissed Off A Bunch Of Asian Women On The Internet

Welp, the angry people are at it again. From now on, whenever I submit an article to The Frisky, I should just make it my goal to see how many hypersensitive people I can offend. That’s what usually ends up happening, anyway. Here’s a rundown of the latest drama: I published an article (which itself…

Something like this, you're probably imagining....

A Little (Ruthless) Mocking Only Made Me A Better Person

I confess. Back in college, I was in a fraternity. And yes, I engaged in some of the dumbass behaviors you probably associate with fraternities. Even today, friends sometimes express surprise when they find out that I was a “frat boy.” Other times, when I’m caught in moments of douchiness, I’m told that I’m “still…

Angry with the world

If You Can’t Change The World, Change Yourself

Man, the world is full of angry people. And I’d say that, aside from the smattering of terrorists, bigots, outright lunatics, and one chartreuse superhero, about 95% of them inhabit the comments section of various websites. I write about dating and relationships because I truly do want to help bridge the communication gap between men…

I’m Still Learning How To Say No

Warning: The following article contains possible triggers for victims of sexual assault. I’ve never been good at confrontation. When I’m alone, I argue like a pro. When there’s nobody to cut me off, I put everybody in their place. When I’m lying in bed, thinking about what I wish I’d said, I make flawless points…

Dear Politics: Please Pick Your Battles

Years ago, whenever my mom deemed it necessary to declare war on someone I or my sister was dating, she would execute a pretty ambitious—though usually ineffective—battle plan. Her strategy? To “prove” the person wasn’t right for us by systematically pointing out every last imperfection this person might have. If character assassination is what you…

Can You “Hear” What You Read And Write?

Here’s a fun little experiment. Read the passage below in your head and see if it makes sense to you. If it doesn’t, read it out loud to yourself. If it still doesn’t make sense, ask someone to recite it to you. Hopefully, then it should be obvious. And if you don’t have someone (to…

It’s Okay, I’m A Doctor — It Says So Right Here On My…

Do you remember learning about self-esteem in grade school? When they teach you to stand up for yourself in an assertive way? To speak up when someone doesn’t give you the respect that you deserve? As it turns out, that’s only half the lesson. Because they certainly don’t teach you how to respond when someone…