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When Is It Okay To Wear Leggings As Pants?

Some people are vehemently against wearing leggings as pants. This is what they’re actually doing when they express their disapproval….

Raise your hand if you think it’s an outright crime of fashion to wear leggings as pants — as in, leggings with nothing else over them. If you’re like some people I know, you may be waving both arms in the air vehemently now. Well, I have a secret to tell. I think wearing leggings as pants is….

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Me + You by Anna Bowen

What 21 Couples Taught Me About Love

When a woman realizes how often she’s failed at love, she turns to those people who’ve made it work. This is what she learns….

“This can’t be right,” I mutter to myself. The man across from me glances up in surprise from his double latte and Time Out magazine. I cast him an apologetic look — one that hopefully says, “No, I’m not crazy. Just an out of work, single actress here for the cheap hot cocoa and free Wi-Fi.”

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Of Marriage Proposals And Porn

Some people love the spectacle of a public marriage proposal. But is it heartwarming? Or is it just porn for our romantic soul?

Have you seen this heartwarming marriage proposal that made its rounds over the internet last week? In case you didn’t watch the video because you’re at work… or have something better to do… or are an emotionless robot, basically, the boyfriend of a Chicago Bulls cheerleader wanted to propose to her….

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The Gifts That Make Teaching Worthwhile

Last night, I was given a gift. It was my second of the week — and one that the teachers of young children rarely receive. I had been surprised to hear from the parents of a child I worked with 30 years ago. At that time, I was a resource teacher for the state of Arizona,…

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Grieving From Afar

How do you offer your condolences when someone who isn’t close to you passes away? Last week, someone I knew died. I’d known her for six years, but we were never close. Our one connection was a mutual friend who introduced us for business reasons. After we completed our brief professional relationship, I saw this woman only once again….

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I Traveled The World, Trying To Find My Home

As I approach my 32nd birthday, I find myself struggling with this concept of “home.” They say, “Home is where the heart is.” But what if your heart is in more than one place? They also say, “Home is where you hang your hat.” But what if you prefer to hang your hat in the…

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The High-Tech Solution To All My Dating Problems

When I began dating, the universe neglected to provide me with step-by-step instructions — only a vague sort of stage directions. He is here, you are there, hold hands, kiss, cut, thank you everyone, now we are done. The film director might have gone home, but I was still there, baffled. So what happens next?…

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“Why Don’t I Receive Much Attention From Men?”

Just because you think you’re hot doesn’t mean that men will actually notice you. The following is an email that I received from a reader. I don’t usually publish the private messages I get, but the issue she addresses seems to be pretty common, so I asked her if I could post her letter (slightly edited for length) and my response (in its full fury) here.

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I’m An Awkward Hugger

I love meeting new people. I’d like to think of myself as a pretty good conversationalist, and I’m well-rounded enough in my interests that I can usually make some sort of connection to a person I’ve just met. So yeah, meeting someone for the first time? Awesome. What’s not so awesome? Hugging someone for the…

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How I Played A Player

When I was small, I loved chess. It was like foretelling the future. By lining up the pieces a certain way, I could get my opponent (usually someone equally inept) to move the way I wanted. Once I discovered men, chess palled (well, except strip chess). Men were mysterious. Men could call or not call.…

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I grew up thinking “I know” is how you respond to “I love you”

Happy Revenge of the Sixth, everyone. (You probably know May the Fourth, but I just learned about Revenge of the Sixth last week, so of course, I now have to use it.) I was five years old when I saw Star Wars for the first time. I’m pretty sure I nagged my parents to see it in the theaters at least 10 or 11 times. And no, I’m not exaggerating.

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Spoiled By Early Success

In the campy teen movie Napoleon Dynamite, there is a particularly pathetic character named Uncle Rico. He was quarterback of a high school football team that came this close to winning state. Now, decades later, he spends all day filming himself reenacting that game. He’s caught in his long-gone glory days, and nothing interesting has happened…

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Maybe There’s A Reason He’s Not Listening

A few years ago, on a rare, non-sweltering summer evening in the sandhills of North Carolina, my husband and I sat on our back deck with a couple of grilled steaks and a couple of micro brews, watching our dogs play in the yard and talking wistfully about our hopes and our dreams. Actually…. I…

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My Teacher Made Me Ashamed To Be An Introvert

I love eating alone. Aside from the fact that it gives me a chance to catch up on my reading, it just makes more sense. Yes, eating together is a social tradition dating back to our cave-people days, but let’s think about this for a second: 1) Being “social” generally entails talking to another human…

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Life Is Too Good Not To Breathe

Editor’s note: Peter Loggins is a legend within the swing dance community. He’s also an old friend and a source of inspiration. Aside from dancing, Peter used to be a competitive runner, skateboarder, and snowboarder, and is one hell of a tattoo artist. He is, in short, one of the baddest badasses you’ll ever meet.…

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My Mother Married A Jack-Ass

I lie on my side, stretched out, watching television, hardly aware of my mother and stepfather in the background, so I am startled when Jack bends down behind me, yardstick in hand. He places it on the floor next to my butt and exclaims, “Holy shit, look how big that thing is.” My mother says…